Pussy888 Slot Review : Thrill seekers

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Pussy888 Slot Review : THRILL SEEKERS

Thrill Seekers is another crowd favorites on Pussy888, with 5 reels and a whopping 50 pay-lines, with the high number of pay-lines itself being a major attraction. It's designed based on a theme of an amusement park, which is incorporated into every design aspects of the game including the symbols. They include the Joker, Ticket, Hammer, Roller Coaster, Skull Cave Pirate Ship, Pop Corn, Candy Floss, Ice Cream, and Candy Sticks.

The game is played on a background of an amusement park atmosphere with the rides visible like the merry go round, roller coaster and go carts, complete with the chatter of crowds. It is packed full of amazing animations throughout the game with matching sound effects. Especially from the ride symbols when a winning combination is obtained or a bonus is triggered.

The Joker is the Wild symbol of the game where 5 of them appearing on an enabled pay-line also offer a wild jackpot of 10000 credits. The Ticket is the Scatter symbol where 3 or more of them triggers the Free Spins bonus with a scatter payout. 5 scatters will have an additional pay-out of 200 credits. The Free Spins can also be re-triggered during a free spin round.

The Hammer is the bonus symbol of the game where 3 or more Hammers on an enabled pay-line triggers the bonus game which will be played on a second screen. Here the player swings the hammer to set the light zooming up. The bonus amount depends on the number of bonus symbol, varying between 20 to 3000 times the line bet.

There is also a progressive jackpot in the game. This is activated by making a separate wager with the button on the top right of the screen. Here the player picks 5 numbers out of 49 which will then be drawn randomly. The more matching numbers obtained, the higher the win. If all 5 numbers match, the progressive jackpot will be awarded.

Try out Thrill Seekers yourself today! Simply register with Crown Gold and download Pussy888 on your device to start playing anytime anywhere. It is also available for both Android and IOS.


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